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Sick of staring at the default microSD icon? Here’s some pretty-as-a-picture, um, MiniDrive pictures you can use instead.


Customise how the Nifty MiniDrive shows up on your desktop with our Nifty icons.

How to change the Desktop SD icon to a MiniDrive Icon

1. Download the icon you want to use from the list above

2. On your desktop, right/secondary click on the icon you want change

3. From the options list select "Get Info"

4. Check that the padlock at the bottom right hand corner of the dialogue box is in the open position. If it isn't, click on it and enter your username and password to unlock

5. Open the folder where the icon you have downloaded is

6. From the downloaded folder, drag the MiniDrive icon you want so that it covers the image of a SD card in the top left hand corner of the dialogue box (from step d) and let go

7. If all has gone well, the image of an SD card should now be replaced with your new icon! It sometimes requires a re-boot for the change to be reflected everywhere in you computer